Same monitors vertical wont remember

So i have my mixer on lower monitor and my stems on the top no matter if i save global or not i wont go back just puzzling


Could you be more specific, please? Sorry, I don’t understand your issue.

Hi sorry for not explaining correctly… i have dual monitors same size sitting horizontal. My main screen is below eye level my second screen is above… i had originally saved my screen where mix zone is on the screen 1 below and my record panel on the second screen… i tried saving global preference to keep this setting all projects but doesn’t remember and i have to move them manually is there something im missing?

Thank you

Try saving a Global Workspace.

Thank you for the reply … yes that what i have done and it doesn’t launch when opening new project… both of my screens are the same size and resolution…

Is there anyway to have it launch with a new and old project without having to select the workspace or key command?

Trying to save to my template