Same performance UR12 and UR824 ??

Hi. I bought a new powerful pc studio computer and was hoping to run my projects shock full of plugins better.
When I got the computer I was at home downloading and setting everything up. Used my little UR12, now I’ve taken the studio computer to the studio where I have my UR824 and to my surprise I get the IDENTICAL exact same performance from both. The latency ms is identical aswell. Is that how it’s supposed to be really ?
I wonder, is there something wrong with my setup, or is the drivers screwed in some way ?

If this is how it’s gonna be the I’m in for a new audio interface, it’s getting hard justifying this UR824

bumping :confused:

Both are member of the UR-family. The diffrence is the number of inputs/outputs.
The ‘performance’ cannot be measured by the Latency. Latency tells something about the processing speed.