Sampe Rate Help

Hi everyone- I picked up Dorico yesterday and have since spent the whole time fighting with sound settings. Hopefully someone here can help me.

I get no sound at all from Dorico- not on note input, not playback ,etc.

I followed a troubleshooting video and they suggested that I need to switch my computer to a sample rate of 44.1khz instead of 44.8. When I went to do that, I found that I do not have such a sample rate as an option (see attached photo). My situation is addressed around 14 minutes into the video here Troubleshooting Playback Issues in Dorico | Support - YouTube

Does anyone know what I should do next? Is there a driver somewhere?

Sorry to hear you’re having sound problems, @gregclarkmusic. Of the two settings you have there, I’d suggest choosing the 16-bit 48000Hz option. Once you’ve done that, run Dorico again and go to Edit > Device Setup to make sure that the same sample rate is chosen there; if it shows 48000Hz already selected, try opening the drop-down to select a different rate and then return to the original one after a moment.

If you still have no joy, I’ve seen @Ulf recommend people try the alternative FlexASIO driver instead of Dorico’s default Generic Lower-latency ASIO Driver. You might try installing that and then choosing the FlexASIO driver in Edit > Device Setup.

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Got it! Your first suggestion worked- I changed to the 16-bit 48000hz, changed the sample rate in device setup, restarted, and now I have sound. Thank you!

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I had a hard time finding the window/menu for choosing that sample rate–(I was looking in preferences)–even though this is the 2nd time I’ve had a weird issue (of playback at the wrong pitch. This happens when I use Logic X for awhile to do MIDI, then I go back to Dorico and my projects are playing back off key!) – so: make sure you are in PLAY mode, then you will find the Device Set Up at the bottom of the EDIT menu! I get so stumped finding things sometime!

I got these new wireless earbuds and followed the instructions to hook them up. The only problem is that the set in sample rate for them is 44100 and doricos drop down menu for the sample rate is only 48000. I haven’t found any instructions on how to change it so I was wondering if anybody here could help.

Hi @Leviathan , you are on Windows, right?
First make sure to close all applications, then press the Windows key and type Sound Settings and then the return key. In there, go to your default sound device and there push the Additional Device Properties button. In the new window that appear, click. on the Advanced tab where you can set the default sample rate. Set it there to 44.1 kHz (and 16 or 24bit, doesn’t matter).
After starting Dorico again it should follow and also use 44.1kHz. Then you can switch over to your earbuds.