sample editor, musical mode

in reference to sampling i can:

  • import a whole song in cubase6.
  • go into the sample editor and use selection tool to cut out the parts i want and create regions.
  • go into the pool, select the regions and bounce them to their own audio files.
  • drag them into the project window, and double click on them to open the sample editor.
  • change the bars and beats to reflect the sample and activate musical mode.

the problem is this works fine if my loop is 4,3,2,1 or even half of 1 bar but if i have samples that are 1/4 of a bar, when i try to change bars and beats to reflect this, the time signature block is greyed out. so that’s my issue. i can’t activate musical mode for that short of a sample which means that sample can’t play in tempo with the other samples when i change the tempo. can someone tell me what the fix is for this? :confused: