Sample editor not still not selecting

I was hoping for a change in this behavior with Cubasis 3 but it has not. As per the manual one is supposed to be able to select a region and double click to edit in the sample editor. In the editor that specific region ought to be bracketed beneath the view of the entire waveform above it. That isn’t the case. Double clicking on the region opens up the editor and plays the entire sample leaving it up to you to ‘re-select’ and find that specific portion to edit. Am I missing something still? Any help?

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This is something that should be fixed asap!

It’s been like this for too long time making the editing on the time-line waste of time since the selection has to be re-done when opening the sample editor…

The time-line editing is ok for quick chopping but if one of the sections needs to be for example normalized, reversed it needs to be ‘re-selected’ when entering the sample editor.

Hopefully this will be fixed in a 3.2.x update so we don’t have to wait too long…


Thanks for your reply Samuel. Affirms that I’m not missing something in how the editor is supposed to function. Hopefully it will be fixed.