Sample Editor - requests

Hi, using Nuendos Sample editor for Dialogue editing shows these requirements:

  • scroll (not goto, just scroll to) to Clip In / Clip Out (Event In / Event Out) independently of Playhead position, also not changing Playhead position.
  • show fades in Sample editor
  • allow edit fades in Sample editor
  • show multiple clips as lanes

Martin Merc

Try selecting from the ‘Activate Clip for Editing’ menu.

I tried. It didn’t help. Request is to show Event start / end independently of Clip Zoom or Playhead position.

In that case i don’t understand your request. Sounds like you may need PLE to achieve what you need.

Hi. For precise editing in higher zoom levels, I need functions (hotkeys) which show me Event Start and Event End near centre of Sample Editor, even when Auto Scroll is Off (in Sample Editor), or actual Zoom level is too high, or clip is too long, or Transport position (playhead) is outside of selected clip. And also during playback. If you agree we can connect to session with screen sharing.

Project Logical Editor is able to control which part of clip will displayed in active view of Sample Editor ?