Sample editor ruler discrepancy

Hi All,

I have noticed a discrepancy between opening the sample editor in the lower zone & from the pool.

If I have an audio file that I click on in the project window & it opens the editor in the lower zone the regions & takes seem to be correct. Say that I have recorded a 4 bar loop of audio in cycle mode & made several passes. Each take & region is correct so the first pass shows as Take 1 start & end Take 2 etc .

However opening the same audio file from the pool it shows the takes as starting with an offset. So take 1 shows as end etc.

I cannot see anywhere where an offset can be defined in the sample editor & even if there was why would it only show when opened from the pool & not the lower zone?

Any help gratefully received…


There is the Audio Pre-Record Seconds option in the Preferences > Record > Audio. The default settings is 1.000 seconds. So (most probably) you have 1 second pre-recorded signal in your audio file, which is in the Bars&Beats, if the tempo is 120BPM.

If you open the Sample Editor from the Pool, you inspect the source Audio file. If you open it from the project, you inspect it in regards to the project. Therefore the ruler shows different values.

Thanks. That sounds like the answer I’m looking for. I will experiment with the pre record times.

It does beg a follow up question though. How can/ could I get the editor to show whole bars when opened from the pool? Presumably by adapting the pre record time according to the tempo?