Sample Editor - Should contain a "Object Select" tool

  • The Sample Editor toolbar should have a Object Select tool available and should also follow the snap on/off quantization settings

There are no objects to select in the sample editor.

The Sample Editor does not show more than one audio event, does it?

No it doesn’t, I wish it would. The main issue is that the zoom and quantization settings are usually on different settings between the Sample Editor and the Project Window. It would be nice if all of the Audio Events created via Hitpoints/Create Events would be displayed in the Sample Editor and have the ability to re-arrange them all within the Sample Editor before closing the window, with changes being reflected in the Project Window ofcourse. The current functionality and integration of the Sample Editor just feels a bit too clunky.

I think you’re asking things from the sample editor that it is not thought for. As it’s name says, it is for manipulation at the sample level, not for arranging events, which only exist in the arrangement window. Different tools for different tasks.
I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve, but maybe you could create a part of all your events and arrange them in the part editor (double click on a part), which can be helpful if you have many audio events.

…of course there is Audio Parts as well

After having some time to think about it. The only reason why it’s not really designed for this feature request is because the Sample Editor is mainly reliant on the “Event Start” and “Event End” points while having a reference to the full audio file behind it. Having to ability to re-arrange Audio Events within the Sample Editor would break this link.

The idea was good until I thought about that. But be honest, how many times have you done some tasks within the Sample Editor only to have to re-adjust all of the zoom and quantization settings in the Project Window afterwards ?

I’ve already made a feature request about how the Sample Editor and Audio Part Editor could be integrated slightly better here: Sample Editor - Add setting to "Open Audio Part Editor Automatically" after creating Hitpoint slices

Have you used Audio Parts?

Of course.

It’s just that im a electronic music producer and my projects usually contain hundreds of tracks in the Project Window. I am constantly manipulating audio files and when you experience these little things hundreds of times over and over, it gets tedious and starts to make me think how it could be improved. However, after having time to think about it I can confirm that a Object Select tool and having the ability to re-arrange events within the Sample Editor can not work as explained in previous post.

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Since this topic has become redundant, I’ll close it.