Sample Editor window hangs on closing!!???

Am I the only one experiencing this??
Running C6 32bit on Win 7 64

I’ll open a audio file in the sample editor, edit it (Vari Audio…whatever, etc) close the window and…zzzz after 10-15 seconds, it closes. Actually I don’t even have to edit anything, I can just open the sample editor and close it right away and it still takes forever to close!! ARRGH! Is there some setting, preference I can adjust to fix this?
Am I the only one experiencing this?? It does happen in Cubase 5, but it only hangs for a few seconds. In C6, it takes so long that it makes it unusable for me… Anyone?? :frowning:

Very strange behavior… I thought it was a problem w C6 and it is… I solved this mystery problem by deleting 4 mono audio tracks that had a bunch of edits on them… after that, all was snappy again. I won’t even bother trying to figure this one out… moving on.