sample loop mode: until release and midi controller issue

I set a pad’s sample to the “until rel” loop mode. When I click the pad with the mouse, the sample stops playing when I release the mouse button. However, when I play the same pad from a midi controller (Akai Synthstation), the sample plays all the way through after I release the key as if the loop mode is set to “one shot”.

Any ideas about this behavior?

Using Groove Agent SE4 with Cubase LE8


Mabe some issue with a sustain pedal?

The Synthstation 25 is a little usb keyboard. No sustain pedal attachment. I’m going to try with another keyboard to rule out that possibility. Odd thing is… the release works fine when I click the pad with a mouse.

Yeah, that is indeed strange. The Akai LPK 25 has a button for sustain.
So maybe there’s something like that on this one, too?

What I can imagine:

Those 3 buttons “Drums, Synth 1, Synth 2” could send midi cc
that they usually don’t when connected to iPhone or iPad.