sample looping

OK, I’m probably one of like three people in the world who still uses sample looping, so I understand that this isn’t a high priority. Even though I’m new to WL7, I briefly used WL3 about a decade ago. When I saw Halion 4’s looping section, I immediately thought that it looked like someone had ported the code from WL and updated the system. I was really looking forward to having this functionality in WL7. Imagine my surprise when I found that the looping in WL7 is pretty much the way I remember it in WL3! Please update this to work more like H4. There’s absolutely no reason for anyone in the modern computer age to have to “apply” a loop crossfade, make a change, reapply, etc. Just let us set a crossfade and recalculate it whenever we change the loop or the crossfade time itself.

In fact,the loop tweaker dialog doesn’t need to be there anymore. If we just had a specific loop tweaker window, we could use these functions right above the main window - similar to the Zoom window in the montage. The rest of the functions - creating a crossfade, making pre and post crossfades could be done graphically in the main window.