Sample Loops - Sustain Loops

Hi All,

I bump around the Steinberg forums from time to time… I’m a Cubase owner / user, and don’t own Wavelab… But I’m wondering if i should!? Hoping that someone can help me understand this question:

“Can WaveLab automatically find GOOD loops for sustain looping in samplers”

e.g. automatically scan and locate a good loop point in a note of a sampled synthesiser? Ideally do this in a batch group; but I can handle checking each loop manually too… Even tweaking them manually… just anything to speed this process up would be great!!

I would buy Wavelab almost entirely for this feature if it was “the best in the business for auto-loop finding” or at least, “really great at finding loops”…

I’ve searched the forum, and found stuff on this “Loop Tweaker”… but there’s not a lot of info out there for this sort of stuff… only a breif mention in a post or two! I’m actually surprised, because finding a good sustain loop is such a pain…! (Maybe everyone who finds a quick way keeps it to themselves though!? :slight_smile:…)

I’m getting “loop finding fever” after working on my latest bunch of multisampled instruments and truly need your help guys!

Any other tips on looping features in Wavelab would be great too…

Your help is appreciated - many thanks,


WaveLab has some tools for this:
2015-10-01 08_18_11.png

Great - thanks for the pic PG… that’s actually exactly what I was after in a response :slight_smile:

Didn’t realize the demo was fully functional (which is a great thing to test features out in full)… Downloading now!

Yet another feature that I didn’t know was there, I’ve been doing this by hand (and ear) for years :slight_smile: This will be a huge time-saver.


Hi - actually —> just another question here!!

Specifically for the sustain looping features and general “creating / editing for sampler instruments”, what’s the difference between Elements and the full version of Wavelab?

I downloaded the Wavelab 8 demo; and haven’t installed yet… I’ve been reading through the manual online, and it seems very good and advanced… BUT: I’ve just realized I was reading the “Wavelab Elements” manual!!

If this contains a fully functional version of the sampler editing functions, then this is probably all I need - this would be great, as the cost of the full version is fair, but a reasonable expense for what is only a side project… If Elements contains all that I need, then I’m almost certainly going to purchase!

Many thanks again for your help.

(Oh and Transistor: haha… yep —> all those hours spent finding loops… wasting our lives :slight_smile:… You’ll still need to audition through them and tweak them out, but ANYTHING that speeds up this horrendous task is a blessing aye!)

No difference bewteen WaveLab and Elements, for this part of the program.

Awesome… :slight_smile:… thanks agin PG!… I think I’ll start with elements then. In time probably upgrade

Be well! :slight_smile: