Sample Pad Pro

I might be completely missing something simple that needs configuring, but I’ve got a rather annoying issue driving me nuts with an Alesis Sample Pad Pro and Cubase.
The pad is sending in midi events, as I see them in the indicator image when a pad is struck. However, the data never reaches the intended vst instrument track.

as in this example.

However, in both Reaper and Studio 1 V5 the vst instrument receives data from the pad strikes.
So is there some further configuration required in Cubase rather than what appears to work in both Reaper and Studio 1 with just OOB settings?

Hoping to find an answer from a Cubase Guru


Can you show us your midi devices and ports setup please?




In midi devices there no default script for the sample pad pro. I’m not sure if that its a prerequisite
but I set it up nonetheless