Sample Player (Noob ?)

Geez! Am I missing something? Does Cubase have a sound font/sample player?

Similar to the NN19, something that I can use to spread and play a sample (wav, aiff, sf2) across my midi keyboard?

Halion SE perhaps…not very clear…

Any low cost (free) suggestions, would really be appreciated.

Kinda important to how I produce beats…ThANKS!

Have a look at Ik multimedia’s free version of sample tank u can import to that.

Thanks andyath!

I actually have this plug but have to explore it some more to figure out how to get ‘outside samples’ on it.

I was also looking thru my plugs and found the Camel Alchemy Player, its working out nicely, but I cant preview the sounds before loading them, UGH!

Does anyone know of a workaround or a sample player that allows preview?

Looks a good freebie plugin that :slight_smile:

Sample tank is pretty good but you need to have sample (loops) all sorted by bpms or can get a bit tricky.
If you do this you should be able to arrange them into loadable groups then you load one bpm group at a time into sample tank to audition can have multiple samples of the same bpm in the channels in sample tank.
One problem would be you would need one sample tank for each different bpm group you have.

I spent a bit of time with the samples I have and it works a treat.granted I don’t have many as I don’t use a lot of samples.


Try Shortcircuit, it is small and works wonders, even drag and drop audioparts is possible. Try the newest 1.x version, not the 2.x. Unfortunately it’s no longer developed, but for me it’s almost all I need samplerwise.

Thank you for your responses guys.

Andyath, am I to understand that Sampletank is better for loops than one shots?
All I really need is something to play a one shot across my midi keyboard, nothing major.
I really don’t do mess with premade loops unless its to chop them up…

Thanks for the suggestion Tommok, Im gonna give Shortcircuit a try… it looks rather promising :wink:
Im guessing you use the last update for version 1, correct?

If it’s just one-shots why don’t you use groove agent one?

Hmmm…Does Groove Agent allow you to play a ‘one shot’ (1 pad) across the midi keyboard? That would be killer! :bulb:

Correct, I suggest 1.1.2, it works wonders for playing a sample across the keyboard. I don’t think it’s properly documented, but you CAN actually drag and drop a region from the timeline of an audio track into ShortCircuit and then spread it to the keyboard area you desire.

I usually cut and trim the samples (even from a broader context) and just pull them right into SS, then play them on the keyboard. It’s even easier than Fairlight. :slight_smile:

Not saying it couldn’t still be better with an included sampler. Still, GAOne is nowhere near that.

Yo Tommok!

I’ve never heard of this plugin, but ShortCircuit is the ONE!
Exactly what I’m looking for…and more … minus the sample preview :-/ LOL!
Only after a short period of time using I’m finding it absolute useful and packed with features even as standalone! :astonished:
And the price was right, thanks buddy! :smiley:

No1DaBeats - Did we ever figure out if the Groove Agent allow you to play a sample across the keyboard?

Sample tank can do one shots but it sounds like u have found an easyer alternative.

Well, not the way that you are used to it.
In Halion and Kontakt you grab the end of a zone
and then just pull it to define the key-zone and then
chose if it shall be pitched. You cannot do this that easy
in GAO. You’d have to pull the same sample on the different
pads several times and then pitch it by using the coarse-knob
for every single pad.

So… Yes u can. But it’s 128 clicks against two. :mrgreen:

Aww Hell naw thats way too much trouble, lol! I guess I have to figure out Groove Agent anyway too create my drum tracks.

Thanks for all the suggestions, guys!

Found another WAV player (sampler) on KVR if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

Found a sample player that allows easy load and play-pitch of wav/mp3s for BOTH Mac and Windows!

Thanks, Im downloading it now! Im very surprised a simple sample player is not included in Cubase already :-/

I just tested Alchemy a bit, its awesome! This may end up being my go to sample player! I love the manipulation parameters! :stuck_out_tongue: Does it not import MP3s though? (Not that I use mp3s in my production)

I wanted to try Element, as it has MAD parameters to tweek, but appears to be Windows only. Like Short Circuit. :angry: :frowning:

UVI does the trick, but appears to be VERY limited on what it can do.

Ill keep em both around for a while…

I just installed Zampler on my Mac too, but havent found it yet…? lol. Perhaps I installed it wrong, though I dont think so. Anyway…

UVI and Alchemy seem perfect - Just what the Doc ordered! :slight_smile: Thanks a BUNCH! :smiley:

Yeah Lil’ Alchemy is on hit, lol!

But the ShortCircuit is out of this world and its FREE, surprisingly! It has soooo many features!

Never heard of Element or UVI until today. Heard of Zampler but forgot about it, nice reminder…

These plugs should keep us wav and sf2 heads busy for a while, LOL!

Thanks for the suggestions, Guys :sunglasses:

Uh oh! I may have found another one, and it just may be the most awesome free sample players! :sunglasses: :open_mouth: :astonished:
Check it out!

Yessir. Good find! Thanks much. :smiley: