Sample rate bug?


  1. I must tell that my project was started two years ago before I updated to Cubase 9 Professional. So all my files are located in my old version of Cubase. I don´t know how this problem can be solved but I need an explanation of why the Cubase 5.5. change its sample rate without I have asked it to do so. But I came to the conclusion that even Cubase 9.5 have the same problem.

  2. As I told earlier in the forum I am trying to finalize a Live DVD from our gig at Sweden Rock Festival 2017 that is a art of a crucial marketing campaign. It was supposed to be released in the end of June but that includes prodution of a glass master, processing and printing of the DVD so my deadline for the project was yesterday on the 21 of June. This have now caused us problems and generates a loss of money so to answer your question I am of course willing to try anything to solve any problem connected to this issue.

When editing film and music in Cubase I save often but the problem occures when I re-open the project and get this crazy message that Cubase have changed the sample rate without my allowance. The whole project is corrupted and the music is transposed to a G instead of A.

I have been forced to re-make the project from scratch everytime but lose awful of hours every time I re-open my saved projects and start from zero. This is totally pointless since I have to do it again, and again, and again and…

  1. When I try to make a ticket for the technical support at Steinberg the webpage doesn´t react as it used to do. When I press support for Cubase I get kicked out and have to log in again.


Itˋ s usually not Cubase, but the audio interface, that switches its samplerate.

At a guess, I’d say there’s a sample rate mis-match between Cubase and your sound card. I don’t think your project is corrupted, it’s simply playing back at the wrong sample rate. Check your sound card, and that it’s set up to synchronise to Cubase (you are using ASIO drivers I hope). You could try reseting your sound card’s sample rate from Project Setup.