Sample Rate Conversion issue

Project is 44100Hz, all my audio files are 44100, but I imported one which is 48000, and naturally I need to convert it to sound right.

Choosing … Audio > Processes > Resample … window opens up on the right it says:
File Sample Rate: 44100.00
New Sample Rate 441.0

Why does it say the wrong File Sample Rate? Is there another way to convert the rate that I’m not aware of?

You can right-click and convert it to the project sample rate from the pool.

Right-click > Processes > Resample … brings up the same window I mentioned earlier.

Check out “Conform Files” on page 610 of the PDF manual or “Convert Files” on page 609. This is separate from audio processes / direct offline processes.

I should’ve been more clear in my previous reply - I wasn’t meaning to point out that you can just do the same thing in the pool. However, I’m still not really answering your question but am providing an alternative approach to what you’re trying to accomplish.

Thanks, that worked. I can assume the other method I mentioned is another bug Steinberg needs to fix. Problem after problem with these latest versions of Cubase.