Sample Rate Conversion?

Hi all

I’ve just been given a project, recorded on a Sound Devices 744, that was shot at 25fps. However, the first day of audio was recorded at 30fps. All the audio was recorded at 48Khz. Do I need to do some sort of Sample Rate conversion in Nuendo to adjust, or does it not matter for the audio?

I haven’t received a cut yet to test it out, but i’d like to get ahead of the game with the rushes.

Thanks in advance.

“In Theory” everything should be fine.

The only way this will matter is when you try to import the first day’s audio using timestamps…
the actual running time will be identical though…might be worth opening a project at the 30fps rate, and switching frame rate to 25 then amending all timestamps in the Pool.

that’s a relief. i think the project was clapped so there was no locked timecode. i’ll switch the frame rate in the pool anyway, just to avoid any confusion.

cheers guys.