Sample rate issue in Sampler track

Hey there,

Cubase 10.5. I have project in 48kHz. If I drag sample (44.1kHz) into the project everything is ok: cubase converts it in 48kHz. But if I drag it from folder directly to Sampler - Cubase doesn’t convert a sample (pitch of sound changes etc). So I’m under the necessity to drag sample to audio track and then drag it to Sampler.
I’m sure there is an option in settings to automatically converting new samples.

Thank you !

HI and welcome to the forum,

What does the Pool window show in this case, please?

In Pool it is 44.1kHz (


I see. As workaround, could you resample the audio file in the Pool, please?

I resampled. It’s ok. But I cannot do it all the time when I import something into sampler. It is a lot of time.
Maybe I don’t know where to turn on an automatic mode?


I’m afraid you can’t switch it. I’m afraid it’s a bug in Cubase, which should through the very same window, you can see while import an audio to the project.

Okay Martin. Thank you!