sample rate issue - 'not suuported' Help!

I’ve been trying out the Roland Duo Capure EX but when loading a project (captured with my old soundcard) the tracks all seem sped up and play too fast.
On the Roland box there’s a switch for 44.1 and 48, so I assume it support both, the project is created at 44.1 but I’m still getting a message in Cubase project settings under sample rate in orange highlighted text “sample rate not supported by hardware”, I have never seen this before. I’m wondering if I’ve made a bad decision buying the Duo Caputre if it can’t automatically recognise my projects sample rates and adjust? any help would be appreciated, thanks

Now if the Roland box supports 44,1 and 48 kHz and your projects were recorded at higher samplerates, then yes - that was probably not the best decision. You then need to convert your files.

Do you know what rate your older material was recorded at?

Presumably you’re going to have to import all your previously recorded audio. Hopefully you can import it a song at a time rather than have to re-create each song and import the audio (at which point it should ask if you want to convert the audio).