Sample rate problems

Running WaveLab under Mac OS X 10.8.3.

I am dubbing from DAT into WaveLab, using my MacBook’s optical input. I have had trouble with sample rates in that if the DAT is 48, and I set WaveLab to save the file as 44, WaveLab crashes as soon as I play the tape. (It’s a portable DAT machine with no display of sample rate, so I have to suck it and see.) I have to then change all the input settings so that it forgets the input, change the sample rate, then reapply the input settings. If I try to change the sample rate while the input is still selected (even if not running) it also crashes. That’s been a royal pain to sort out but I’ve managed it and have copied one tape successfully.

The next tape has obviously been reused and is mostly in 48 but then changes to the old 44 material when the new 48 material stops. WaveLab’s response to this was to crash and to loose or fail to save the last hour of the 48 material which wanted.

I’m not sure how to get around this problem. Any suggestions?


It depends on your hardware between the DAT and your computer. In my case, I used a console that is set to the desired sample rate while any offending sample rate is automatically converted. The computer is slaved to the sample rate of the console.

If your tape has mixed sample rates, you’ll need some way to convert it, otherwise how would Wavelab (or anyone else) know where the break would be? You would end up with a single audio stream with mixed rates which means that your audio will be off pitch in some sections and correct in others.

If you don’t have a sample rate converter, you’ll have to dub in smaller steps, resetting the sample rate for each selection until the next change happens.