Sample Rate

Hello All,

Wavelab 6 with Win XP Pro on a Dell Dimension.

I have just tried to burn a Montage to a CD only to be told by the system that the montage does not have a sample rate of 44100 which is required to create a CD. It does not, however, tell me how to sort the problem !! or even where to look for instructions because there are none that I can find in the PDF Manual.

How do I reset the sample rate? Can it only be done at the .Wav file level or is there a way to change it within the Montage. I hope the latter because I took a long time creating the montage.

I would be grateful for any help. Thanks.



Simply insert Crystal Resampler plugin into Master Section
set to 44.1 kHz if not default
Render to new Montage or Audio file etc

plugin chain
Crystal Resampler plugin
Peak Master (to avoid peaks/clipping when resampling)
set to minus - 0.2 , - 0.3, - 0.1 or so

hope it helps

regards S-EH

Thanks very much S-EH, I really did not expect an answer quite so quickly ! I shall go and try straight away though I always hold my breath a bit when I get in amongst the Master Section. Thanks also for the advice on the Peak Master.

Hello S-EH,

Sorted ! I won’t pretend it was trouble free but well worth the effort both for the resulting montage and for the practise with the Master Section. I really must try to use it more. I don’t find the manual I have nearly detailed enough. First time through I will admit to needing step by step instructions and explanatory notes.

Thank you for your help.

Hi there… You’ll have to excuse me, I’m having a RATHER hard time with this, perhaps one of you could explain step by step?? Here’s the situation:

I have an 11-track CD montage, currently at 48k. The goal is to have the montage at 44.1k. OR, find a way to render and then burn a cd at the montage’s current sample rate of 48k. I can’t seem to find where you can simply render the tracks of the montage to output a new montage (with new files) all at 44.1k. It seems this should be right under either File or Edit, and its definitely not. I’d REALLY like to not have to make a new montage after all the work I put in.