Sample Rates and Shift Up One Tone - Why?

I have encountered this strange problem before! Can’t remember how I fixed it folks!

The sample rate default is usually 44.100Khz / 48.000Khz - now I must have accidentally changed the sample rate somewhere (whether on the soundcard or in export settings) and now the audio files (including the MIDI samples?!?! so strange) play up one full tone from normal. I know it is up by about a tone because I exported my MIDI to audio already and I am going back to re-edit some parts of the track and have now encountered this problem.

Anyone know how to get the tone back to original key? Driving me nuts!!!

The Warrior of Hokuto :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Make sure the project, sound card, export and playback sample rates are the same.

Thanks for the tip Split! Will do. Any other suggestions?

There is nothing else to suggest, than what Split has already suggested.

Sound card, export - check.

Where would I go to specifically alter the sample rates of the ‘project’ and ‘playback?’

I just need to get the whole project back in the correct key! (One tone up from what it is now) Such a bizarre problem! Its not possible to have the piece ‘‘stuck’’ in the wrong key after these problems, is it?

The Warrior of Hokuto