Sample rates etc

Hey, I use Cubase for music production. Recently I’ve gone into podcasting. This sample rate stuff is driving me crazy. What does the attachment message mean, 44.1k not supported? Why does it only appear some times. So somehow I recorded my podcast at 44.1k, it sounds slow and wrong when I play it back when using the studio driver for my interface, but sounds fine for the generic low latency driver. The problem is I know want to add music, which I think is at 44.1k, so now everything is running at a different rate, ugghhhh. How do I get everything lined up, so it sounds normal, why is 44.1k not supported? but only sometimes?

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This message says, your Audio Device doesn’t support this specific Sample Rate. One you open the Sample Rate menu, you can see the list of supported and unsupported Sample Rates (supported by your current Audio Device). So to your question why it appears only sometimes? Do you switch among multiple Audio Devices?