Sample track help

I have 4 sample tracks running 2 tracks have wav files the other 2 have aiff files. I noticed that the wav files had been copied into the audio file of that song but not the aiff files. Has any one any info on this?


Something behaves different on my system:

  1. I cannot drag and drop from Finder (or MediaBay) to the Sampler Track directly. Can you do this? Ir how did you get the FLAC file to the Sampler Track?

  2. While drag and drop a file from non-Audio folder to the project, Cubase always asks me to Copy file to Working Directory, in the Import Options dialog. If I enable this option, the source file is copied to the Audio folder, of the current project. have you seen this Import Options dialog? if not, go to the Preferences > Editing > Audio and in the On Import Audio section enable the option Copy file to Working Directory or select the option Open Options Dialog.

Ive just changed my options (see attachment) hopefully this will solve the problem :smiley:
Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 14.49.06.jpg