Sample Tracks vs Rendered Tracks

I’m new to sampling.
Once i have my sample tracks all OK is it best to render them ?
Does it make a difference to CPU load whether i have sample tracks or rendered tracks ?
Does it make a difference to the finalmix and export ?

Sound-wise it shouldn’t matter one way or the other. Regarding performance any difference would likely be negligible - unless you are using a bunch of heavy-duty processing on those Tracks. In that case rendering & including the FX would improve performance. Most performance benefits come from rendering power hungry Virtual Instruments.

I wouldn’t worry much about trying to improve performance unless you are actually starting to see performance issues on your computer. Just do what is best for you, not your computer.

That said there is another reason folks render Tracks - portability and preservation. As it stands your Sample Track needs to have a working copy of Cubase to do anything. But once it is rendered it can be pulled into Pro Tools or whatever. Also a .wav file is a universal format that is likely to be usable well into the future.

Great, Thanks raino.