Sampled Arcs, Dynamics and Expression Maps

Hi everyone!

I own a few libraries that include sampled dynamics like cresc, dim, and arcs. I noticed there are dynamics included in the expression maps (like the crescendo diminuendo) but I haven’t been able to trigger them in the notation for them to play the key switches assigned to them.

Anyone using them? Any advice?

You cannot really use those samples, they are clearly destined to DAW users… Dorico will use CCs (1, 11, etc) to recreate such dynamic changes. This kind of sample just needs duration and handles the dynamics by itself, since it’s already baked in. This is why you can’t use those swells in percussion libraries either. Don’t waste time with this, my 2 c.

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Isn’t it possible to create playing techniques for each of these samples, trigger them via a key switch and make their graphical representation in the score look identical to Dorico’s own scripted dynamic?

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Thanks for your answer Marc! I still think there are places where they might be useful within the notation context (have to test the idea, though). I wonder why dynamics are selectable in the expression maps as techniques. It seems like they don’t work.

Thanks for answering Ebrooks! Yes, not sure about the score look but surely I could create some playing techniques for triggering them. And that was my fallback plan if I found out that the dynamics accessible through the expression maps didn’t actually work.