Sampler Audio Routing


I’m really liking the sampler and render in place options for the Cubase upgrade.

I’ve just come from C5 and there was no sampler option.

I need to route the audio from the sampler to a group bus, in C5 I could go to the instrument and change the routing but I don’t know where the “instrument” is for the sampler. If I go the the output of the sampler, it is like a MIDI channel and doesn’t give me audio output options. I tried opening VST instruments but it is not in there (I don’t think I could route from there anyway).

In C5 the instrument would be listed among the audio/midi tracks in the arranger window and I could easily route the audio signal but I’m not sure where the routing options are for C10. If I load a VST instrument it no longer even loads the instrument on the arranger window, only the MIDI lane for the instrument I created.

Any help with finding my routing options is appreciated.

Select Sampler lane.

Select the “E” for edit channel settings.

At the top, select the “Target” output.