Sampler control window - open in separate window - Keyboard shortcut?

Hi folks,

Can anyone else confirm that there is no way to make a keyboard shortcut to open / close a Sampler control window in a separate window?
I mean to switch between it being in the lower zone and it being a separate window.

So the keyboard shortcut instruction: “Open in separate window / lower zone” will switch a midi or drum editor between the lower zone and a separate window, but has no effect for a sampler control window in the lower zone.

Seems like it’s not a bug, but just that they forgot to connect that functionality when the sampler track was implemented?!

…it seems there’s also no keyboard shortcut available to open / close the sampler control window.

This is kinda annoying…if you’re working a lot with Sampler tracks, you need to go each time up to that little button on the sampler track to open it…a keyboard shortcut would speed up workflow.

disregard my post, you are talking about the sampler track not the sample editor. I don’t use that so I don’t know. Sorry