Sampler editor not visible

, when I unmix all stems in spectralayers pro 8 and try to drag one stem into the sampler editor I dont see the sampler editor In cubase pro 11. I could do this before in spectralayers pro 7 is this bug?

When you assign an ARA editor to an audio clip, that ARA editor replaces the sampler editor. It has always been the case since Cubase 10, and it is also what happens in most DAW supporting ARA. It is also what’s happening with SpectraLayers 6, SpectraLayers 7 and Melodyne.
If you want to edit an ARA clip with the sampler editor again, bounce that ARA clip (or unassign the ARA editor, but that will lose your edits).

Hi Robin.
So does that mean the sampler does not work when you use spectralayers pro 8 in cubase 11?
I had previously used a drum stem from spectralayers 7 and put it into the sampler and it worked,now if I try to use the sampler as well spectralayers pro 8 it crashes my system any ideas why this happening.

@positano10 Even with SpectraLayers 7 you can’t use the sampler on an audio clip if that audio clip is already assigned to SpectraLayers. You can double check that by reinstalling SpectraLayers 7 (it will then take control of the ARA plugin) and try by yourself (then reinstall SpectraLayers 8 again so that SL8 takes control of the ARA plugin again).
The only way to use the sampler once an audio clip is assigned to SpectraLayers (no matter the version, same for 6, 7 and 8) is to either bounce that audio clip, or to unassign SpectraLayers (but in that second case you’ll lose your edits).

Hi Rohin thank you for a speedy reply. the problem I am having now is the sampler does not work, even f I am not using spectralayers pro 8
if I drag a audio clip into the sampler it crashes I am not sure if spectralayers has rended something on my system.

HI Robin.

I did a complete reinstallation of both cubase pro 11 and spectralayers pro 8 and everything is working fine now .it must have been a glitch on my system .
I can now a drag a drum stem from spectralayers into the sampler and edit it with the sampler into a snare or kick and replay it using the controller
By the way great job on spectralayers 8👏

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Glad it finally worked for you, and thanks !