Sampler over multiple tracks VST Live 2.0

I need to insert a sample in a track and let this sample play over the end of a track and through the beginning of a subsequent one. I tried using a groove agent VST adding a sample and when passing to the subsequent track it gives an audio clip and I don’t know how to solve it.
Anyone has the same issue?

Thanks for your support

Hi @pippo,

hm, can you give us some hints? We are not sure if we have understand your question. Let me start …

. Start VST Live
. Select TRACKS
. Add MIDI Track and load Groove Agent (GA)
. Add Sample to C1-Pad of GA
. Create MIDI-Clip from 1.1 to 10.1
. Double Click to MIDI-Clip to open MIDI-Editor
. Insert C1 MIDI Note to 8.1

Now the C1-Pad and its sample will be played. And now?

Thank you