Sampler track as drum machine

I have ben learning about the sampler track. One thing i have tried is to find drum samples that i like and put together a set on multiple sampler tracks.

Is there a way to set it up so that a single MIDI channel could talk to the various sampler tracks so that i can play a drum part in real time and then edit the various components on a single track?

I know i can export all of the samples into a virtual drum machine but was wondering if there is a way to accomplish this with just the sampler tracks.

Isn’t it enough to set Record Enabled on all the tracks? As long as the MIDI input is set to the same on all tracks I would think this would work.

I would transfer all samples into one instance of Groove Agent SE.

Ahh, I should have read the entire initial post first …

Yes, once i figured how to choose an exact MID note for each sampler track, that seems the sensible way to do things, although in the end maybe MacroE’s suggestion about exporting to the drum machine might be the most sensible solution, although it would be a little tricker if i change my mind about certain things than editing in the sampler.

I’d take a slightly different approach. I’m not at Cubase right now so some terminology regarding the Sampler Track might be off.

  1. Put all your individual drum Samples on a single Audio Track with some silence between each one
  2. Use Render in Place (or Audio Export) to create a single Audio File
  3. Put this newly created Audio File onto a Sampler Track
  4. Using the Sampler Track, split the Audio into separate segments and assign a unique MIDI Note Number to each
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Thank you, that is pretty straight ahead… I’ll have to research on how to zplit into segments and assign separate MIDI notes for each sample.n the single sample track.

In general it’s super easy - especially if each hit is isolated by silence for easy detection. There’s an icon you can drag onto the MIDI portion of the Sampler Track that creates MIDI Notes on the Track that map to the individual hits.

Thanks, i like that. I think another great option is to drag them into a drum machine, although it might be best to edit the samples in the sample trakc first.

You can also directly export the segments into Halion or Groove Agent. I think it’s the top right button.

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I’ve been trying to figure out, which option gives you the most possibilities for editing the samples, and which one represents the highest ease of use between using the sampler track or exporting to one of the compatible virtual instruments.

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You can use “midi sends”

-arm your multiple Sampler Tracks, obviously setting the “zones” for each one ***

-create a midi track, do not connect its main output [put on “not connected”]

-open the midi sends panel and assign the sending outputs to the Sampler Tracks you want

*** I am trying to find a solution to filter the midi notes “by channel” using the midi transformer, so you don’t have to set the zones, will tell you if it’s possible

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You should try the Drum Maps in Cubase.

Create a MIDI Track and set up a drum map that will route the MIDI to the individual Sampler Tracks. Kick = Sampler Track 1, Snare = Sampler Track 2….

Add a group to all the Sample Tracks and put everything in a folder and you will have a nice drum sample setup.