Sampler track crash cubase 11 &12

Hello friends
I have a hard and annoying glitch with the Trek sampler
Since Cubase 11 and when I updated to Cubase 12, the same problem remains
When I try to load an audio sample thru sampler track, the project crashes and Cubase closes
I thought it was a problem with Cubase 11, but it turns out that it also happens in version 12

It should be noted

  1. In Cubase 10.5 the sampler track works properly and there are no errors

  2. I reinstalled Cubase 12 and deleted Cubase 11 in case it might be related

  3. And I tried to run Cubase through administrators and it doesn’t work either and closes the project for me in the middle of work

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem?


Could you try to disable or delete Cubase 12 preferences, please?