Sampler Track crashing in Cubase 11

Unfortunately, the sampler track is crashing in Cubase 11 as well. This started on version 10 on my machine and didn’t get a fix through 10.5 nor in the new Version. In this version there isn’t even a crash log so what can I do to solve this? Anyone with the same problem?


Old post for C10.5 crash:


Yes, there are other threads on this topic here on the forum. I reported all I found to Steinberg.

Thank you Martin for your time and hard work to help people out here - very appreciated!!! :exclamation: :slight_smile:

So after another nine month I’m wondering if there are any news?
Do people still have this issue - on my machine it’s still a problem (Cubase 11.0.30). If I drag a sample (from file explorer or from the Media manager or from the Project) in the sampler track it will crash instantly. Can’t use this feature at all.

This Bug is in Cubase since C9 and affects not only me - there are a few posts about this:

If YOU are affected as well, please answer in this post and/or vote it up to get more attention on this topic :slight_smile:

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Sampler Track 2 crashes my N11, windows10
Crash dialog says something about inserting a valid eLicensor dongle and try again. Of course my valid dongle was already inserted.

Experiencing the same thing on Windows 10. The sampler track is just crashing Cubase 11 without notice. Uninstalled every third party plugin and still nothing.
Besides that, Cubase 11 is not responding everytime I load it up - needs an end task and then it could actually load.

Super buggy version that makes it impossible to even want to use it.

For me, this was the solution: Cubase Crashing Video - Create Sampler Track Issue - YouTube
Maybe it will help someone

same problem i also having

happens for me when using the “edit instrument” key command on all Cubase versions since sampler track introduction. I have a windows system and a macbook, both have the same issue regardless of preferences, templates, clean project etc. Makes it completely unusable for me which is really frustrating as I still need to use third party solutions.

Either steinberg is not aware of that or they ignore it completely.

My thread: Cubases Crashes when using short cut to open instrument on sampler track