Sampler Track (extra feature)

The pitch envelope in the sampler track (with audiowarp) allows you to enable pitch movements in ADSR, there is an amount slider on the right, but you cant play up and down the keyboard range and achieve the same effect.

I’ve attached a video demonstration…

I am pitching up and down using C3 and the amount slider to the right.
When the AMT slider is up 12, you can hear the attack of the kick is still sitting at original pitch and the tail (according to the ADSR) is pitching up the octave to C4.
When i play C4 you immediately hear the bad timestretching artifacts screw up the transient of this kick.

I would love to be able to play up and down the keyboard range and this effect to happen, it would allow this ADSR shape to be playable rather then having use extremely messy automation to achieve the same effect.

Really hard to explain, but i hope together with the video, it makes sense.


Yes this sounds amazing, would be a great feature.

yeah! this function would be awesome !!! Let’s go STEINBERG !

This would be a very dope feature!

Exactly what CodeBlack said. This could be super handy for hardstyle producers. We pitch our kicks in every track we make, and It would be an amazing feature to have without using 3rd party plugins or using the pitch shifter manually for every note we wanna have from our kicks.

WIth the correct envelope we can even make some kind of portamento on the kicks to have some cool FX.

Thank you Steinberg! Hope this feature gets added in the future versions of Cubase :slight_smile:

I discovered that Halion 6 has somewhat the same engine as the sampler track, with much more features including a mod matrix.
With some playing around and serious offsetting with keytracking, i can kinda get something functioning as needed (kinda) but it isn’t a real solid solution.
Hoping for a button that will be clickable and allow you to immediately play up and down the keyboard range with only the “sustain” section pitching as per the note being played and the “attack” section being kept at 0 with no pitching taking place.

I use 2 samplertracks for this.
Just duplicate the samplertrack. Set one to a fixed pitch. Carve out the tone part of the kick with the Amp envelope.
Carve out the attack on the other samplertrack.
Then use a midi track to control both samplertracks at the same time with midi sends.
And Bam you have your pitching kicks and you get to keep control over the inserts of each kick part.

Anyway cool feature +1

Yeah true, i have been doing a similar solution with Kontakt for the last few years.
Limitations are that every time you work with a new kick you need to go in and adjust the attack/tail part on both tracks.
Can be a lot of fiddling around back and forth sometimes to find the right point.
If its just one thing then its easy to just drag back and forth and listen, but having to go to both channels and adjust means doing quick tests is impossible.
Thought it would be cool to just have a simple solution built in, been doing workarounds for years now XD, hoping for a solid one click solution one day :slight_smile: