Sampler Track File Location not updated after Prepare Archive'

After selecting Prepare Archive for backup purposes, all files are copied to the project folder. However, upon reloading the project, Sampler Tracks load files from their original file location and not the copy placed in the project folder.

This makes 'Prepare Archive and Backup Project unreliable as original files may get moved.

Additionally, files copied to the project folder are named incrementally (snare.wav becomes snare 01.wav, etc).

Please fix this!


Isn’t it duplicate of this?

Yes, it would seem so. Hoping for a fix soon :wink:

Like Steven said I also used back up project function and I after that deleted old proj.folder.
Bug is really big because until you leave boath folders it loads normally, but only with new folder
your project crashes at loading it. It is unusable. I used 3 hours to save it with function import
tracks from project. Really not fair to leave program 2 years with such a “hard” bug.
Unacceptable and incomplete, it is maybe 10 minutes of time for programer to solve this bug but we are loosing
time, I had recording session with musician and couldnt open project to record…

Was hoping for a fix in 10.0.40.

Current workaround: In Preferences>Editing>Audio select ‘Copy Files To Working Directory’ in Import Audio. This hopefully ensures any files from within the project are already in the correct place.