Sampler Track Filters, what does AP and BR mean?

Hello folks.

I´m exploring the sampler track. In Sampler Control we have 24 filters. The list includes familiar names like HP, BP and LP, (hi pass, band pass, lo pass) but there are two names that I don’t recognize:


What do these stand for? Band… Raise? Added Pulse?
By the sound of it, AP is some kind of added pulse, and BR… I honestly can´t tell what it does.

Here are some examples of the filter types that include those letters:
BR12, BR24, BR12+LP6, BR12+LP12, BP12+BR12

What do the AP and BR filters do? How do they behave?

The user manual provides no details about this, at least none within the sampler track chapter.

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Band Reject and All Pass

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