Sampler track hell....still an issue C13 (Windows)

I am working on a project on my laptop and wanted to transfer to my desktop. I backed up the project so it would supposedly archive all needed files. When I open it up all the samples in the sampler track are missing.

I cant believe this hasn’t been fixed yet as this has existed the past few versions. Anybody getting the same thing or have a workaround??

What sample do you put in the sampler track and where is it stored originally? If it’s part of the media bay then my guess is it needs to be present in the media bay on the desktop as well. Just a thought and could be totally off track.

Yes they are mostly media bay samples which are in both computers. Shouldn’t matter though, when you create a backup its supposed to put all externally referenced files into the audio pool folder but its not doing that.

So the sampler track is triggered by midi as vst instruments are. They don’t become audio until rendered. If I back up a project with midi it doesn’t put the audio in unless rendered. I could be wrong though but seems logical.

That’s because it has never done that. I just takes the existing Project and duplicates it elsewhere as is.

You want to use the Prepare Archive to do this

I always was under the assumption that the backup function does this as well as I pretty sure Greg said it does on the livestreams . The manual is sort of unclear whether both actions are necessary or just either.

If you want to share your work or transfer it to another computer, your project must be self-
The following functions facilitate this task:
● Select Media > Prepare Archive to verify that every clip that is referenced in the project is
located in the project folder, and to take actions if that is not the case.
● Select File > Back up Project to create a new project folder where you can save the project
file and the necessary work data. The original project remains unchanged

Here is the problem…I prepared an archive and backed up the file to a thumb drive (D:) however when I open the backup the sampler track is still looking for the file in the C: drive in the original project folder.

OKay so example:

Computer 1
C:\users\zzzz\Documents\Cubase Projects\ProjectFix

Computer 2
E:\Project Drive\zzzz

You’re saying the problem is, once the project has moved to computer 2, the sampler track is still trying to find the sample in the original Computer 1 location?



…Instead of looking within the projects own project folder, regardless of where it has moved.

Are you able to go to pool and do find missing files for this? and direct it to the new project location?

Workaround is not to use Sampler track.
Steinberg please do it right finally…

It doesnt even put the sampler tracks in the pool. You would have to import the file into the pool, drag it again to the sampler track and you lose all the editing you did to the sample (start/end points, etc).

This is what Steinberg has said:

Thanks for your email. When backing up projects, the project is saved with all of its audio, image folders and track information. The sampler information is only saved if there is audio within the project on said track. If its blank, it wont save any audio files. The reason you see it defaulting to another location is due to the wav files being contained in that location from the original save. In order to get those files to be recognized in a new default location, you will need to copy the files and/or folders to the thumbdrive and redirect the files to its new location. It will not perform this action automatically. If you have any further issues or need additional assistance with performing this action, please give us a call for a remote session.

Not exactly an elegant solution…this needs to be fixed