Sampler track not showing inserted samples correctly

When I add a sound to a sample track it does it, but doesn’t show a sample waveform like it should. It just shows an empty area. I then have to drag the plus button on the bottom right to zoom in until I see it, but I still can’t see the whole sample at once but a very zoomed in version. If I drag the slider more, it just zooms in on the sample more. But I want to zoom out to see the whole waveform normally.

Upon adding sample, shows empty

This is the best I get, but it’s only the beginning of the sample

There should be an option to zoom out more to the left, but the beginning slider is already all the way to the left.
Does anyone know the answer?

Cubase 10 Pro 10.060

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode > Disable Preferences, please?

It’s the same.

I’,m on Mac mini m1


Do you have the latest version of all components installed, please?

I don’t know what you mean. It’s a brand new computer, on which I installed a fresh installation of Cubase. The system is also all up to date.

I’m not sure about all the VSTs, but I don’t think they should matter when I add an audio sample directly from mediabay (or the computer) to the Cubase sampler. Unless you meant something else.

It’s weird because I can manipulate the sound in the sampler normally, I just can’t see it.

And I just now remembered the same problem happens in Groove Agent 5 SE.
I add a sound, it does the EXACT same thing in the visual area. If I want to slice it, it does that normally like it’s supposed to and the treshold knob works like it should, I just can’t see anything to manually correct the lines, for example.