Sampler track only in separate window

is it possilble to have Sampler track editor only in separate Windows not on lower zone?


Preferences > Editors > Double-click open editor in a Window.

Sorry, you got me wrong. I didn’t mean midi editor with pianoroll, but GUI, the interface with all the controllers.


I also don’t mean the KeyEditor. This preferences should be global for all editors. So even for the Sampler Track editor.

Martin,your suggestion is:
Preferences > Editors > Double-click open editor in a Window.

So where in Cubase GUI should OP then doubleclick to open Sampler Control in separate window ?!

Unluckily enough, there is no “Open Sampler Control in Window” command available in Keycommands Window.
So you have to do a “workaround”

Best solution in my opinion:

a) Open Sampler Control Window for a selected Sampler Track.
It will opened in Lower Zone.
b) Click the arrow icon, at the top right of Lower Zone Window, to open the Sampler Control Window as a separate Window.
c) Create a new Workspace (top-menu “Workspaces” > Add Workspace), give it a name.
d) Bind a keyshortcut to this Workspace, you can do this in the Keycommands Window.


  • Select Sampler Track in Project Window
  • Hit the keyshortcut
    The Sampler Control Window for that Sampler Track will be opened in a separate Window.

Here is what you want:

Edit/Key Commands

Editors/ Open in Separate Window/Lower Zone

Now the editor and sampler control tabs will open full screen and toggle back to Lower Zone as well


Actually you are right, it’s not possible. I just tried (I wasn’t with Cubase before). The reason is, you don’t open the Sampler Editor by the Double-click or by the double-click or by the KeyCommand. The only one was is to click to the icon in the track. Therefore this preferences doesn’t work.

I’m sorry, you are right, it doesn’t work here.

That’s completely correct and no need to say sorry Martin !