Sampler Track: Play from Loopstart instead of Sample Start?

I’ve been looking all over for an answer to this but I can’t find anything so hopefully someone can lend me a hand with this! When using the sampler track, is there a way to have the sample playback from the Loop Start marker, rather then the Sample Start marker? I’d like to audition looping different parts of the entire sample but any time I change the loop points I have to adjust the sample start as well.


What Cubase version do you use, please?

Could you attach a screenshot of your Sampler Track settings, please?

I’m using 11.0.20

I’ve attached an image somewhat replicating what I’m trying to accomplish. I’d like to use the green bar between the loop range markers to adjust the contents of the loop on the fly (similar to slip editing with audio tracks), but the only way I can seem to have it start at the loop is to put the Sample Start marker on the Loop Start marker. Only issue with this is I constantly have to adjust the Sample Start marker position to match the loop range as both can’t be adjusted simultaneously.


You are right, the Sample Start marker and the Sustain Loop Start marker are independent. You cannot move them together.

If you want this is going to be implemented (maybe), add the Feature Request tag to this post, please.

I figured that was the case. I’ll add the Feature Request tag then, though rather then having an option to link the Start marker and Loop Start marker, maybe a toggle button in the tool bar that forces playback from the Loop Star marker would be the play. Thanks again for your time Martin.