Sampler Track volume - reserved headroom?


I dropped in a bass sample maxed at -0.4 dB into Sampler Track.
Playing it back from Sampler Track on the same note I get around -5 dB, so it is considerably quieter.

Velocity sensitivity is off, no filter, no change in Amp envelope, no sampler engine processing at all. All notes are playing back with 127 velocity.

Is there any internal headroom when playing from Sampler Track?

Please help.

I noticed the volume is lower for me too on full velocity. I don’t really like that.

When I map this sample region to HALion 5 it accepts with correct settings and with the HALion 5 “0 dB” Headroom setting I get the proper equivalent volume level.

So is there a headroom in Sampler Track without any mentioning in the doc? Or am I missing something?

good question, used the sampler track yesterady for the first time and was immdiatly raising the output to +8 DB because it was so quiet… was wondering.
@Steinberg ? bug or feature?