Sampler Track - Where do the samples go?

When you drag a sample into a sampler track, where does the audio file go? If you look in the pool they appear to be there but they have a little green box with an x in the status field. If you browse to the project audio folder they don’t appear there.
Do they become part of the project data like VST settings?
If I move my sample libraries do the references then become invalid?
Is there a way to tell Cubase to copy the files into the project audio folder by default?

I think the sampler track only use samples from you HDD.
When you edit a sample its7 only remember the setting you make.

When i cut a acappela in CB and drop one of that cuts the sampler track it show my the hole sample i just hat cut.

The sample stays where it was. You can make Cubase collect your samples into the projects audio folder by clicking on the “Open Pool Window” in the “Media” menu and right click in the “Pool” and click “Prepare Archive”.