Sampler Track

Quite like Sampler Track.
It reminds me of Phatmatik Pro (see attachment).

This was a loop slicer with instantly adjustable start & end points for each slice.
You could spread a loop over the entire length of your keyboard with small slices of the original loop & export a midi file to play the loop back at different bpm to the original.
Brilliant at the time.
Found out you could load a 5 min wav into it & do the same with instantly adjustable start & end points for each slice.

You could put a whole song on it on different keys.
Great fun.

Would be good to see some of this fluidity in Sample Track.
Phatmatik Pro.PNG

Kind of overlapping with the stuff you can do with audio track slicing and Groove Agent SE… But I get your point. Sample Track has a lot of potential since it’s so integrated into Cubase 9.

The Groove Agent SE approach:

  1. Load loop into audio track.
  2. Detect and edit hitpoints and slice.
  3. Open Groove Agent Se and drag and drop the sliced audio part to the first Pad. Slices are now mapped chromatically.
  4. In Groove Agent Se switch over to the “Pattern” view and drag the created midi pattern to a midi track in Cubase.


Hi LarsErik,
Thanks for the reply.
I know how to do that.

You missed the point that the slices are NOT Fixed & can be moved at any time on Phatmatik Pro.

If you slice on Hitpoints they are fixed & can not be moved.
Yes you can do New Hitpoints but they will be fixed again not fluid & flexible as with Phatmatik Pro.


Actually they are not. That’s the beauty of vst-xml regions which Cubase, Halion & GA use. The Events within a sliced Part also use vst-xml start and end regions, so they can be adjusted at any time.

Ok, I see… That’s a nice feature indeed.

Looking closer at Groove Agent I just discovered that you CAN edit slice start and end points freely. Yay!

This topic really payed off for me! Thanks guys!


Thanks for all your help Niles.
Brilliant as I have GA4.

What is the ATM slider on the Sampler Track?

Any videos out there on how to slice the sample on the keya?

just seems Steinberg is forcing me to buy GA4 or Halion 5. I cant drag and drop onto sampler track at times from media

bay. slicing, easy replacing samples, no crop/truncate are non-existing wassup with that :frowning: Im sorry Steinberg Ableton

live simpler sampling manipulation is KING please take note also FL studio Edison and Slicer are what us sampling heads

are looking for

One thing I do have to say that I am happy about is sampler track is the tightest MIDI I ever experienced in a DAW since

Atari ST I been a Cubase user since the 90s It deffo got a nice bounce to it love it