Sampler tracks after back up project operation

It is still broken!!! I have problems with lost samples. Really not good after so long time not to repair broken function.
When I made backup project with included sampler track and I checked it in pool it seams everything ok, but when I restart backed up project it shows all sampler track in pool double but active (used) are that from previous old folder.
Normally I delete old after back up, in that case I lost my project functionality.
Steinberg please after 5 years or more Its time to finally do it. Small little bug but really bad one.
Its unpossible to work like it is now, please in next update do it finally!!:pray::pray::pray::pray:

I know there was a similar problem but that one was fixed in C12.

Which Cubase version is this about? C12?
Also, do you check the “Minimize Audio Files” option enabled?
Lastly, where are those referred files? Are they copied to the project folder before triggering the backup? or in the external folders?