Sampler Tracks stopped making sound?

I was trying to make a folder and I accidentally hit “Group Channel to Selected Channels”, so I hit command+Z to undo it. However, now none of my tracks will make noise. The volume indicator is moving as if there is sound coming from the channels, and any new tracks I add will make noise just fine. The samples are still in the project pool and stuff, but they are silent even when I open the midi and click on the notes or the keyboard on the side. Can someone tell me how to reverse this? I don’t want to have to re-do all the tracks.


What exactly do you mean by this, please?

He assigned the tracks to a Group track. When you do that it changes the outputs of the selected tracks to the Group track, and the Group track output is set to the main output.
When we Undo creating the Group track, it does not revert the tracks’ output and set them to None.
You then have to select the output again for each of the tracks.
This is not very convenient, especially if you do that on many tracks at once, isn’t it ? Maybe it’s an intended feature, who knows…

I just encountered this bug. It’s serious enough that this is the first Cubase bug I’ve ever reported… an Undo feature should do exactly what it says, and not partially restore the previous state.

I learned the hard way by grouping 16 drum output tracks on UVI Beatbox Anthology in multi output mode. Sending all the outputs, which had been renamed Kick, Snare etc to a group track, then Undoing it, meant that I have to disable then renable the outputs on the plugins to get them working again. This destroys the individual track names and I have to type them all again.

Undo should undo the last action, simple as that.

More information… I’m not sure if it’s related, but I have my default track add settings set to gainstage at -16db on any new track for pre gain. Unfortunately it applies same to a Group track, so that reduces the volume of the grouped tracks to almost nothing until I increase the pregain on the group track to 0db. Once I’m at that point and do undo, it seems to have retained the applied pregain of the group track – or, for whatever reason, I can’t hear the drums until I simply disable and renable the multi outputs on the plugin (thereby destroying the entered track names).

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To me or sounds like this is not related to the original report. Or is it? How? I cannot see any Sampler Track in your report, sorry.

Hi @Martin.Jirsak ,

The issue isn’t about Sampler Tracks… you just got misled by the title.
The OP assigned several tracks to a Group Channel, though that is clear that those tracks were Sampler Tracks, that is not the problem, since the issue would have been the same with any type of tracks.
The issue here is about undoing channel grouping does not revert the tracks outputs to their previous state.


When you Undo, you can see the output of the original tracks is set to No Bus. You have to set the output again.

Exactly Martin, and do you think that it is normal having to set again the output manually for each of the tracks ?


Routing changes are not Undoable in the Project window. You can do the routing undo in the MixConsole History.

You are beating around the bush here.
A single operation, such as Group Channel to Selected Channels, should be reversible with a single Undo command no matter what window is in focus.


No, I try to explain the background. If you understand the logic, you can work with it.

I didn’t say it’s good or bad, or it’s a bug or not.

I both understand and agree.
But having an Undo command not undoing the last command/operation is counterintuitive. It goes against how the ubiquitous command works in (almost) every application in the world of computing, including Cubase.

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