Sampler Transfer To Halion Sonic SE Not Working (NOT SHOWING IN DROPDOWN MENU)

Sampler Transfer To Halion Sonic SE Not Working (NOT SHOWING IN DROPDOWN MENU)
I have looked at another post which had the same problem and i could not see a solution to the problem.
I can take a slice and transfer to Groove Agent SE and Padshop 2.
Has anyone got a solution for this or does this function not work in Halion Sonic SE
Do i have to upgrade Halion ?
Many Thanks


HALion Sonic SE is not a sampler, you cannot use own samples. Use HALion as a sampler, please.

Thanks Martin i am not the brightest
So would i require Halion Sonic 3 or Halion 6.
This would allow me to transfer my own samples to Halion Sonic 3 or Halion 6 is that correct.
I assumed that with Cubase 11 pro a slice could could be cut, then saved and imported back into Cubase.
Im just looking to experiment with cutting up some guitar wav loops and then playing them back using midi controller keyboard.
Could i do this with padshop,this is my first time trying this stuff.
I cant justify spending ÂŁ300 to purchase Halion at the moment with my limited knowledge,i would like to get to grip with slicing,saving and playing samples through a controller keyboard first.


You would need HALion 6.

Groove Agent SE 5 can be used for this. If you create slices using the Sampler Track and then transfer to GA SE, the slices will automatically be mapped to multiple pads which can then be edited or moved freely.

I think the penny has just dropped,i need to cut slice on sampler then export it to Halion 6 and then RECORD it via the keyboard to create my new wav file ?
I have been thinking that it was just basically split audio loop in cubase sampler editor window then save as audio event.

If you simply want to rearrange the slices of a loop, you can use the Sample Editor of a regular Audio Track (Not the Sampler Track you’ve been using). Click the Hitpoints tab, then Slices:

This will create an Audio Part, which is a container for your slices. The slices inside this container can be freely rearranged, and once you’re done you can go back to the project window, click the Audio Part you were editing, and from the menu at the top, select Audio > Bounce Selection to create a new wav file with your edits.

Fantastic,I cannot thank you enough for your very straightforward explanation, I just couldnt figure out what this editor window was for, you are a hero, can I cross fade in this editor to try and get a smooth loop, or do I some how use the fade in fade out handles in the project window first ?

So i think after ive sliced,bounced down audio and saved as a wav file i would then import the wave file to the project window and then use fade in and fade out handles to smooth the start and end of loop,does that sound half sensible ?

You can also do that from within the Part Editor before bouncing down the loop. That way the fades become a permanent part of the audio file. You can also setup crossfades between slices, and drag them down to a different lane so you can see what you’re doing more clearly.

Note that re-importing the file shouldn’t be necessary, since bouncing creates a new audio file.

Yes i think i understand what your saying,i was using the range tool so now i know this was the wrong way ,the cross fade handles wouldnt show,i cant get to my pc to open cubase just now but would i be correct in thinking that after creating hitpoints each slice has the cross fades,i have just come across a video by tim heindrich which show how to export multiple slices/samples, now that i know that Halion Sonic SE is SAMPLE PLAYER,will this allow me to import the wav loops that i have created and record them or is this going to cost me another ÂŁ300 to buy Halion 6,i will be pretty dissapointed if Halion Sonic SE cant play back the newly created wav files ? This is probably the final piece in my jigsaw,i think lol

Halion Sonic SE is a sample library player. It can only load pre-made libraries such as Steinberg’s Electric Bass, not your own samples.

But like I mentioned earlier, you can use Groove Agent SE 5 to load any wav files, such as your loops. To make them playback correctly, just set the Loop Mode to Continuous, and enable AudioWarp, so the loops stay on the beat no matter what.

You can also play any sample chromatically:

Absolutely brilliant,i cannot thank you enough for your time,effort and patience,your visual diagrams are incredibly helpful as are your instructions,it will take me while to put it together,but now at least i have a step by step reference which i can follow,trying to figure this out was driving me nuts,once again many thanks for your guidance it is very much appreciated

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