sampler v6


Latest version of my sample player.
° added a walkthrough.
° 33 presets added.
° library tested on Halion Sonic SE3

It is in good working condition and could be something you would show to someone, but what i look for is guys who want to participate in it with their skills to improve it and make it the simple sampler we were looking for that long, thus improving it from the (more then decent) point it is now.
an incredible bunch of functionality for a single sample.
So give it a look and let me know what you think.

It’s an open project since i don’t have the intent and the means to go commercial, so it’s free of charge but it is what it is for now

Usage: Halion SE 3, the free player of the Halion line. Register the library first with the library manager.

all remarks and comments are welcome.
you should give a look at the walkthrough since it is only a few pages and it is extra info

location for download:!AoOC6MMDw5SesRo6nlYELZpr8LkO

partial looks:
scherm 2 sampler v6.PNG
edit: and to give you guys a first excercise. :smiley:
The correct settings for the first preset at the engine page are:
(loop start - Xfade) should never be lower then the (sample start point)!

kind regards,
snippet preset 1.PNG