Samplerate is too high, but why is the project not playing correct anyway?

Hi guys,

just wondering…

i understand that if my project is in 44.100hz and my interface (in this case my Bose Quiet Comfort headphones using in an airplane) is set to 48.000 or whatever, i have a miss match sample rate and wierd things start to happen.
Im not exactly clear on why, but Cubase starts playing my 44.1 project super fast.

Why is this?

I cant put the Bose headphones on 41.000 in macOS.
Only thing i can do (apart from cable) is to use the almighty Audio Highjack.

is there a setting i can use, so Cubase outputs to Bose “normally”?
do i somehow need to put my project in 48k? how do i do that?


While I don’t know the details and I can’t really explain the first part of your question.
[All I know that it’s good to have your system (Windows/Mac) sample rate and your interface set to the same value]

You can set your project sample rate in Project Setup. Go to Project > Project Setup and you should have window like this.

Then whenever you Import anything to your project it will get converted to 48kHz sample or whatever you will set it up to.

I haven’t done that myself but I think if you change a sample rate in already existing project, Cubase will ask you if you want to resample all your audio to new value.

First thing I would do though, is to make sure your system and interface are running at the same sample rate.
I run my Cubase on Windows set up to 48kHz and 24bit and I have my Scarlet 8i6 set to the same values and I can run projects at any sample rate without any issues.

PS: I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

yes this was clear to me, thanks!

my question was actually about opening ongoing projects in 44.1 (my big studio is on 44.1).
I cant convert it just because im on the road, doing some edits, you know?
And then convert back in the studio? It will mess up something for sure LOL

Sometimes i have to, because people send me 48k stems i have to convert, and i accidentaly have the whole project in 48, so i have to lower the sample rate exactly the way you just said.


You can convert files on import… so that they play nicely with 44.1 kHz

That’s why professional audio device are required…

yeah man, you are right…

was just wondering since i was in an airplane and didnt take my rack of interfaces with me LOL