Samples missing from the "Favorite" page

Since I have Cubase 11 one of my Sample packs are missing at the “Favorites” section.
The folder is there but it’s empty.
This is how it looks now

This is how it should look

I removed the Sample pack and I added them again to “Favorites” but nothing happens.

I hope someone can help me.

Thank you

not sure if this will fix it, and it looks like you are on windows

if you rename the file you can always go back so nothing lost from trying - apart from time obviously…

Yes I’m on Windows 10
I should do this?

If yes, there is only a Microsoft folder. No Steinberg folder

I think that’s the wrong folder - your preferences are definitely somewhere !

is ‘Default.migrated’ your windows user name ?

Type %AppData% into the address bar and hit enter

No it’s not my user name folder
Ther is no “AppData” at my user name folder

what happened when you did this…

It just showed me some documents
Sry I was searching for AppData

I think I found the Steinberg folder now

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documents ?

is there a folder called ‘roaming’ in there ?

Sry I made a mistake
I think I found it now

So I should rename this to "mediabay3.bak " ?

yes . :+1:

no promises that it will fix it of course

I did that and everything was missing, but after a few seconds everything showed up! :relaxed: :+1:

Thank you for the help :smiley:
I appreciate it!

no problem :+1:

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