Samples or VST Inst. for Uilleann pipes

I’m searching for a vst plugin, vst, Instrument or just soundbank of uilleann pipes in really good studio quality. In addition to this, other bagpipe sounds like central European cornamuse, Schaeferpfeife, smallpipe, Huemmelchen or GHB would also be welcome.
But uilleann pipes would be most important.
Good solutions cost good money, that’s no problem.

I would be more than thankful for good advice.
Rgds Frank

Try out some of Ilya Efimov’s stuff: Uilleann Pipes
(but note that you need the full Kontakt to use this, the free Kontakt Player is not enough)

Hi, sorry for my late response. It’s a great Instrument and a very good recommendation.
Thank you very much!

For anyone tracking this, Spitfire Audio have released an Uilleann pipes instrument for free: (download)
Walkthrough: LABS Uilleann Pipes (YouTube)